Additional Services

Filter Cleaning

We provide D.E and Cartridge filter cleanings. Our filter cleans start at $100 for our weekly maintenance customers.

Green to Clean

We can flip any green pool back to its beautiful blue in just a couple days. Starting at $200!

Salt Cell Cleaning

Salt cell cleaning are free for weekly customers

Drain and Clean with Acid/Bleach Wash (pressure wash included)

We do not recommend completely draining your pool because it can "pop out" of the ground when empty due to hydro-static pressure. But indeed that is exactly what we do with drain and cleans. First step is to drain the pool completely, then apply beach/acid wash, followed by a pressure wash. 

Tile Cleaning

Can't get rid of the white line on your

tile? Or maybe the black mold? Call Brosi Brothers and we will take care of it!