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Meet The Team

We are a small family-owned and run pool company servicing Houston's pool needs since 2016. As you can maybe tell from the last names of our team, we only hire people we know and trust. We still run background checks to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. We are the pool company you can trust in your backyard with your pool. 

Cameron Bias

Pool Technician

Jon Bias

Pool Technician

Tyler Boyce

Pool Technician

Jordan Ambrosi

Pool Technician/Repair

Kevin Ambrosi


Our Quality is

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service and superior pool service. If the quality of work is not up to your standards, give us a text, call or email and we will return within 48 hours to fix the problem. We will do this time after time until you have satisfied. Yet this almost NEVER happens because we do it right, the first time! 

We are CPO certified and have taken additional courses like the Orenda Academy and Four Pillars course. We pride ourselves on being pool nerds. If your current pool guy doesn't know what LSI is... you should maybe ask him to do some research. If your pool is not balanced properly it could be etching (permanent damage) or scaling (white calcium build-up) which no one wants.

As long as your cyanuric acid level and schedule for your main filter pump are running a sufficient amount of time, we 100% guarantee NO ALGAE EVER! If there is ever algae in your pool, all you have to do is text, email, or call and we will return within 48 hours to fix the problem. *Note this is a little different from the above guarantee, there are outlining reasons for algae in your pool between visits including excess rain (dilutes the chemistry causing low to no chlorine levels which will cause or allow algae to bloom among other things.




Don't take our word for it...
Here is what Our customers Say about working with us

Your friendly, neighborhood, pool professionals are just a call away!

832 812 8274

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